Fire up your Sales --> Grow Your Biz

This App was built with one mission: to equip Small Business owners with the tools they need to boost their Lead Generation, so they can grow their biz & finally focus on what they love. 

Stop Wasting Time & Work Smarter

Find out what's working

The app is equipped with AI to gather your businesses' data from the internet so you can know exactly what is working to get you sales and what is wasting time/$$

Get Listed Online Easily

It's important to be exactly where your next best customers are looking for your solution, and listings online are a great way to get your brand out there while helping instantly boost your SEO

Simplify Your Outreach

Amazing communication tools such as Text, Email Marketing (ActiveCampaign), built-in CRM and a consolidated Executive inbox to see/manage all client conversations

Instant Notifications 24/7

The app enables you to receive a notification immediately when someone mentions you on social, leaves a review anywhere & a weekly progress report to keep you in the know

Manage Reviews & Reputation

Gather all your reviews across the internet, respond to each one, and even send out Review Requests so you can keep getting new recommendations from previous clients

Build Your Empire

Ultimately, we want to give you the power to build your own legacy, grow your business to where you envisioned it to be, and get the exact life you what you wanted from it.

"Small business owners are too busy to be everywhere, eventually you realize you can't do it all. There's just not enough hours in the day to fit everything in!

So I designed this app to help cut down the time you spend online & speed up growth so you can finally focus on what you love to do instead."
Joyce Odette
Lead Gen Expert / Business Development Specialist

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